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On Friday 26, at 14:00 CEST, a live stream of the SFD Exchange meeting in Stockholm will be available. The meeting is aimed at sharing cases where the underlying thinking of the SFD approach has stimulated and structured discussions about urban sanitation, the design of project proposals and research questions; and has changed the discourse around sanitation.

SFD – its use and potential in the sanitation sector

26 August, Friday, 14:00-18:00: SFD Exchange Meeting - SFD – its use and potential in the sanitation sector (SFD Promotion Initiative, SuSanA WG 6 (Cities)), Live interaction possible via Twitter, using the hashtag #SFDExchange2016 and #WWWeek

Download full agenda of the meeting

Goals of the meeting

  1. To learn how excreta flow analysis have been used in the sector and to understand and document the uptake of the SFD approach
  2. To involve SuSanA partners more systematically in the promotion and facilitation of the SFD approach and stimulate collaboration between them
  3. To better use the network of SuSanA partners and their connections to cities for this purpose

Time and location
The meeting will be held at the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), at Linnegatan 87d, in Stockholm on Friday, 26.08.2016, from 14:00 – 18:00, before the start of Stockholm World Water Week.

SFD Promotion Initiative
Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) - Working Group 6 (Cities)

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