Presentación para LATINOSAN: Conferencia Latinoamericana de Saneamiento


•Introducción SuSanA
•Antecedentes en saneamiento urbano
•Introducción del enfoque SFDs
•La metodología y herramientas
•Experiencias con los SFDs
•Perspectivas futuras

LATINOSAN, SFD, américa latina

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Carvalho Rodrigues, M. C.

Published in: 2016

Pages: 21

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), Germany, for the LATINOSAN Conference in Peru 2016

  • Presentations about SFDs in Africa and Indonesia

    Watch the presentation with voice on SFDs in Africa and Indonesia

    1. SFDs in Africa: From Visualization to Action

    2. How the Government of Indonesia is using the SFD

  • Global call for SFDs – Nov. – Dec. 2017

    Where are you standing in the SFD process? 

    We would like to offer you extra support, so you can either start preparing or complete your SFD and have it ready to be used for your purpose.

    Submit your SFD until December, 15th 2017!

  • SFD: The Indonesian Case (video)

    Watch the video (full version) on how the SFD was introduced in Indonesia and why the Indonesian government sees it as a useful tool to improve urban sanitation!

  • SFD Offline Graphic Generator

    You can now download SFD offline Graphic Generators for Windows and Mac.

  • SFD PI Update 5

    Check out the latest developments of SFD Promotion Initiative on the SuSanA Forum

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