SFD toolbox

Here you can find out more about the SFD methods and tools. The guidance documents include: the Manual for SFD Production, the SFD calculation tool, the SFD master diagram and the SFD credibility process. These are all currently under development and meanwhile the draft versions are available.

SFD Process

The SFD Promotion Initiative developed a standardized approach with two different levels of data collection to produce city-wide SFD reports.
The result is a methodology which helps to produce credible and comprehensible SFD reports for cities around the world.

SFD Graphic Generator

The SFD Graphic Generator is a quick and simple tool that allows the production of SFD graphic in two steps. Once you have the data for your city, you can easily generate the SFD graphic and download the results for use in reports and publications.


The SFD Helpdesk is ready to assist you in any moment of the SFD production. It also allows you writing the SFD report on an embedded form and to upload the supporting documents. You can then have your report reviewed by a member of the pool of experts.

Credibility process

The SFD Promotion Initiative is currently developing a mechanism for reviewing SFD reports to promote standardization across cities.

  • SFD FAQ now available

    Check out the frequently asked questions on SFDs.

  • SFD Graphic Generator quick start

    Step by step short video explains how to do an SFD using the SFD Graphic Generator

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