Through working with stakeholders in cities and towns around the globe, we gained experience in producing SFDs. With this expertise we generated draft versions of the guidance documents, which you are now able to use to produce an SFD for your location. These documents are working drafts, produced under the SFD Promotion Initiative and are currently being revised.

Download of Draft Manual for SFD Production from the SuSanA Library


The Draft Manual for SFD Production includes the following components:

  • Part A: Methodology for data collection
  • Part B: Stakeholder Engagement Document
  • Part C: Guidance note for calculation tool
  • Part D: Glossary of variables and terms
  • Part E: Methodology for Evaluating Quality and Credibility of SFDs

The SFD Toolbox comprises:

  • The Manual for SFD Production (Draft)
  • The SFD Graphic Generator (online)
  • The Template for the SFD-Report (Draft)
  • The Stakeholder Tracking Tool (Draft)
  • The Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QAQC) Template (Draft)
  Manual for SFD Production
  Template for the SFD-Report


  Stakeholder Tracking Tool
  QAQC Template (Draft)  


  • SFD FAQ now available

    Check out the frequently asked questions on SFDs.

  • SFD Graphic Generator quick start

    Step by step short video explains how to do an SFD using the SFD Graphic Generator

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