Through working with stakeholders in cities and towns around the globe, we gained experience in producing SFDs. With this expertise we have updated the guidance documents and tools for SFD production. The SFD Manual and the SFD Graphic Generator (online and offline) shall enable you to prepare an SFD for your location.

The SFD Manual – Volume 1 and 2 – describes the process followed within the SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) for the production of SFD Graphics and Reports and includes guidance on how to use the SFD Graphic Generator.  Volume 1 of this manual is a guide for the data collection and analysis and should be read in conjunction with the accompanying Volume 2. The Volume 2 includes:

  • Part A - Master SFD Graphic

  • Part B - Definitions of SFD Graphic Variables

  • Part C - Definitions of Terms

  • Part D - Sanitation Containment System: SFD Schematics


  Download of SFD Manual - Volume 1 and 2 from the SuSanA Library   Download the offline SFD Graphic Generator here:

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SFD Manual - Volume 1 and 2

(version 2.0)