The SFD Promotion Initiative is creating the basis for global roll-out of SFDs by producing the tools for the development of credible SFDs with analysis of the service delivery context, which provides an overview of key aspects of the enabling environment for urban sanitation. The Initiative aims at establishing consistency in the methods and procedures used for data collection and analysis, as well as producing standardized review mechanisms for quality control. The result is a standardized approach to two different levels of data collection to produce city-wide SFDs: desk-based and field-based data collection.

The desk-based approach focuses on the production of the SFD and an accompanying report which gives an overview of the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for the sanitation sector, the Service Delivery Context Description. This approach relies on a literature review of existing secondary data and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) that may also be conducted via mail or telephone.

The field-based approach comprises a more in-depth report including, besides to the aspects mentioned within a desk-based approach,  also planning, equity and expansion aspects, the Service Delivery Context Analysis. Additionally to the literature review and KIIs this approach demands the author(s) to visit sites of interest, to incorporate made observations and to conduct Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with community representatives in order to complement, validate or challenge data collected from literature review or KIIs.

The draft version of the Manual for SFD Production is available online. Consortium partners are adopting the methodology and guidance documents in the initial year of the project for developing SFDs and service delivery context analysis. Based on the experience gained from implementing the approach in cities and towns, tools and methods will be improved to guide the development of future SFDs and service delivery context information.

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