SFD toolbox

Here you can find out more about the SFD methods and tools. The guidance documents include: the SFD Manual Version 2.0, July 2017, the SFD Graphic Generator (online and offline), and the SFD Review Procedure. These are updated versions of previous guidance documents, based on the learning and feedback from piloting the tools and methods under the Phase 1 of this project.


SFD Process

The SFD Promotion Initiative has developed a standardized approach with three different levels of data collection to produce citywide SFD Reports. The result is a methodology, which helps to produce credible and comprehensible SFD reports for cities around the world.


SFD Graphic Generator

The SFD Graphic Generator is a quick and simple tool that allows the production of SFD graphics in three steps. Once you have the data for your city, you can easily generate the SFD graphic and download the results for use in reports and publication.


Should you require any assistance during the production of either your SFD Report or Graphic, the SFD Helpdesk provides a platform whereby you can ask the pool of experts any questions you may have. Here you can also initiate the review process of your SFD report, if you are interested in feedback, and publication on the SFD Web portal. 


Credibility process

The SFD Promotion Initiative has developed the review mechanism for SFD Reports to assure a standardization across SFDs published on the SFD Web portal. We will be happy to provide you with feedback on your analysis and publish your SFD afterwards. Your SFD published in the SFD Web portal will contribute to the better understanding of sanitation in cities and towns, and enhance the exchange amongst people active in the sector worldwide.