Fernandez Martinez, L. et al., 2017
Predicting the impact of sanitation investment projects on the Sanitation Service Chain (SSC), using excreta flow diagrams (SFDs)

Onsite sanitation systems are the predominant sanitation option worldwide (Medland et al., 2015). High population density in cities in low-middle income countries means that faecal sludge (FS) from …

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Raj, S. et al., 2016
SFD Exchange Meeting - its use and potential in the sanitation sector
Presentation from the SFD Exchange Meeting at World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

The SFD Promotion Initiative has been working over the past year to develop a consistent method and the tools for producing excreta flow diagrams, the SFD (also called Shit Flow Diagrams). SFD is a …

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Furlong, C. et al., 2016
How to prepare an excreta flow diagram (SFD)
SFD Promotion Initiative, 39th WEDC conference, Kumasi, Ghana - July 2016

This presentation was held at the 39th WEDC conference in Kumasi, Ghana in July 2016 by the SFD Promotion Initiative. The objective of the session was to introduce the tools available for SFD …

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Salian, P., Bieker, S., 2016
Go with the Flow: A Workshop on Shit Flow Diagrams
Presentation at the Kampala WASH Symposium 2016: Led by I-San and GIZ

This workshop aimed at giving the participants a first-hand understanding of how SFDs can be developed and used in a city-wide context. With the information gained, the participants could adopt SFDs …

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Carvalho Rodrigues, M. C., 2016
SFD – una herramienta para fomentar la programación sostenible del saneamiento urbano (in Spanish)
SFD - a tool to promote sustainable urban sanitation programs

Presentación para LATINOSAN: Conferencia Latinoamericana de Saneamiento Contenido: •Introducción SuSanA •Antecedentes en saneamiento urbano •Introducción del enfoque SFDs •La …

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Panesar et al., 2015
SFD (Shit Flow Diagram) Promotion Initiative
Various documents on results from research grant

This library entry contains background documents and results for a grant which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and led by Arne Panesar (further information is also available on the …

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Various authors, 2012
FSM2 Conference
Durban, South Africa

The Second International Faecal Sludge Management Conference was held in Durban from the 29th to the 31st of October 2012. 320 delegates from around the world shared ideas and discussed challenges …

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