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Published in: 2017
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FSM4 Conference - Day 1, Track 3: Industry Chennai, India

FSM4 was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where the State Government has recently initiated measures to address FSM with regard to policy, regulatory changes, innovative solutions, and pilots. FSM4 focused on innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up, including three tracks: research, case studies, and industry & exhibition.

Below you find the presentations held in track 3: Industry on Monday 20 February 2017 in chronological order.

Industry 1.1: City Scale FSM

1. SAHA, U. K. et al. “City scale sludge treatment plant in Faridpur, Bangladesh: Plan to Action”, Bangladesh

2. BHAVSAR, D. et al., “A systematic Approach Adopted by government of Maharashtra scale up FSM services”, India

3. INMAN, JR, “Operation of FSM utility at scale in the US: the case of FloHawks”, USA

Industry 1.2: FSM Logistics

1. GARDINER, V. et al., “Collection Logistics and Waste Pre-processing: Cross learning”, UK

2. VILLARRAGA, H. P. et al., “Logistic Tool to improve FSM business model”, Thailand

3. TA, H. A. et al., “Applicability of Innovative possibilities for FS Collection and Transportation services in perception of service operators and experts”, Thailand

Industry 1.3: FSM Education & Building Capacity

1. MANANDHAR SHERPA, A. et al., “FSM Human Resource Training through online education”

2. MILLS, F. et al., “Equipping local governments with the skills to implement scheduled desludging”, Australia

3. KOHLER, L. et al., “Assessing city level FSM needs to build capacity”, USA

Industry 1.4: FSM Knowledge Management

1. ROSEMARIN, A. et al., “Improving SuSanA’s KM and collaboration platform to benefit FSM practitioners”, Sweden

2. SINGH, A. et al., “Creating demand for sanitation and FSM through exposure- Evidence from Bihar”, India

3. ROHILLA, S. et al., “Institutional Capacity Building of Ganga Basin Cities for their journey beyond ODF”, India

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