Levels of SFD Reports

Four levels of SFD Reports can be produced, which differ based on five main criteria:

  • the purpose of the SFD,
  • the resources required,
  • the extent of data collected,
  • the extent of stakeholder engagement, and
  • the depth of data analysis.

Four levels of SFD Reports:

Level 1: Initial SFD

An Initial SFD is appropriate when limited secondary data are available and when minimal access to stakeholders is possible. Any data gaps are identified, and assumptions made clearly justified. This level of SFD can be used for advocacy to generate stakeholder interest about the situation in the city, and to highlight gaps in information.

Level 2: Intermediate SFD

An Intermediate SFD is appropriate when large amounts of secondary data are available, and stakeholders can be interviewed (in person or remotely). If available, and to help verify the findings from the secondary data analysis, primary data from both people using and people delivering the sanitation services can also be included. This level of SFD can provide a broad understanding of the status of a city’s sanitation service delivery.

Level 3: Comprehensive SFD

A Comprehensive SFD requires at least the same amount of secondary data as for an Intermediate SFD, but with additional stakeholder engagement and systematic primary data collection. A Comprehensive SFD requires data from in-person interviews, informal and formal observations and direct measurements in the field, to verify data accuracy. This level will be appropriate to inform the planning of service improvement options or investment decisions.

SFD Lite

An SFD Lite report can be prepared with a minimal amount of supporting data and referenced sources. The data collected focuses on the management of excreta through the sanitation service chain and the preparation of an SFD Graphic only, without the supporting service delivery context information. An SFD Lite can be used for advocacy to generate stakeholder interest, and can be a starting point from which to develop a more detailed SFD Report at a later stage.

You can use this table to decide which level of SFD Report is most appropriate for your situation: