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Author(s): Furlong, C. et al.
Published in: 2016
Pages: 73
Publisher: The SFD Promotion Initiative


How to prepare an excreta flow diagram (SFD) SFD Promotion Initiative, 39th WEDC conference, Kumasi, Ghana - July 2016

This presentation was held at the 39th WEDC conference in Kumasi, Ghana in July 2016 by the SFD Promotion Initiative. The objective of the session was to introduce the tools available for SFD production and to guide participants through the process of creating an SFD.

The presentation contains information on:

- The SFD Promotion Initiative
- What is an SFD?
- Methodology for data collection
- Terms and variables: a glossary
- SFD Calculation Tool
- Templates
- Quality Assurance / Quality Control
- Support available