SFD data summary

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Status of SFD production by region

All the reviewed SFD Reports can be found on this web portal.

Region Reviewed SFDDraft version availableUnder preparation
Asia & Pacific4544
North America400
Latin America & Caribbean523
Sub-Saharan Africa13011
Middle East & Northern Africa1735
Total 86923

SFD Database

Search or sort by region, country or city to download SFD Reports and/or SFD Graphics.

Region Country City SFD Report SFD GG
Asia & PacificBangladeshChattogramChattogram, ReportChattogram, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshCumillaCumilla, ReportCumilla, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshDhakaDhaka, ReportDhaka, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshGazipurGazipur, ReportGazipur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshKhulnaKhulna, ReportKhulna, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshMymensinghMymensingh, ReportMymensingh, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshNarayanganjNarayanganj, ReportNarayanganj, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshRajshahiRajshahi, ReportRajshahi, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshSaidpurSaidpur, ReportSaidpur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshSakhipurSakhipur, ReportSakhipur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificBangladeshSylhetSylhet, ReportSylhet, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificCambodiaBattambangBattambang, ReportBattambang, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificCambodiaKampong ChhnangKampong Chhnang, ReportKampong Chhnang, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaAgraAgra, ReportAgra, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaAizawlAizawl, ReportAizawl, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaAlandiAlandi, ReportAlandi, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaBikanerBikaner, ReportBikaner, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaBodhgayaBodhgaya, ReportBodhgaya, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaBongaonBongaon, ReportBongaon, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaBuxarBuxar, ReportBuxar, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaChunarChunar, ReportChunar, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaCuttackCuttack, ReportCuttack, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaDelhiDelhi, ReportDelhi, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaDewasDewas, ReportDewas, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaGangaghatGangaghat, ReportGangaghat, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaGwalior Gwalior , ReportGwalior , SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaKatiharKatihar, ReportKatihar, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaKochiKochi, ReportKochi, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaNashikNashik, ReportNashik, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaPanchganiPanchgani, ReportPanchgani, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaPandharpurPandharpur, ReportPandharpur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaPatnaPatna, ReportPatna, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaRamnagarRamnagar, ReportRamnagar, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaRishikeshRishikesh, ReportRishikesh, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaSolapurSolapur, ReportSolapur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaSrikakulamSrikakulam, ReportSrikakulam, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaTiruchirapalliTiruchirapalli, ReportTiruchirapalli, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificIndiaTumkurTumkur, ReportTumkur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificMyanmarMandalayMandalay, ReportMandalay, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificNepalItahariItahari, ReportItahari, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificNepalLahanLahan, ReportLahan, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificNepalTikapurTikapur, ReportTikapur, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificThailandNonthaburiNonthaburi, ReportNonthaburi, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificVietnamBuon Ma ThuotBuon Ma Thuot, ReportBuon Ma Thuot, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificVietnamDa LatDa Lat, ReportDa Lat, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificVietnamDa NangDa Nang, ReportDa Nang, SFD Graphic
Asia & PacificVietnamHanoiHanoi, ReportHanoi, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanBoliviaSanta Cruz de la SierraSanta Cruz de la Sierra, ReportSanta Cruz de la Sierra, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanBoliviaTarijaTarija, ReportTarija, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanBrazilManausManaus, ReportManaus, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanBrazilSão PauloSão Paulo, ReportSão Paulo, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanNicaraguaBilwiBilwi, ReportBilwi, SFD Graphic
Latin America & CaribbeanPeruLimaLima, ReportLima, SFD Graphic
Middle East & Northern AfricaPakistanJatoiJatoi, ReportJatoi, SFD Graphic
Middle East & Northern AfricaPakistanThattaThatta, ReportThatta, SFD Graphic
North AmericaUSACape CodCape Cod, ReportCape Cod, SFD Graphic
North AmericaUSAKing CountyKing County, ReportKing County, SFD Graphic
North AmericaUSAMadisonMadison, ReportMadison, SFD Graphic
North AmericaUSASt. LouisSt. Louis, ReportSt. Louis, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaBurkina FasoOuagadougouOuagadougou, ReportOuagadougou, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaBurkina FasoOuahigouyaOuahigouya, ReportOuahigouya, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaCameroonDoualaDouala, ReportDouala, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaCameroonYaoundéYaoundé, ReportYaoundé, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaAxumAxum, ReportAxum, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaBahir DarBahir Dar, ReportBahir Dar, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaBishoftuBishoftu, ReportBishoftu, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaBureBure, ReportBure, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaHawassaHawassa, ReportHawassa, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaEthiopiaHolletaHolleta, ReportHolleta, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaGhanaKumasiKumasi, ReportKumasi, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaGhanaWaWa, ReportWa, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenyaKakumaKakuma, ReportKakuma, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenyaKisumuKisumu, ReportKisumu, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenyaMavokoMavoko, ReportMavoko, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenyaNaivasha Sub-countyNaivasha Sub-county, ReportNaivasha Sub-county, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaKenyaNakuruNakuru, ReportNakuru, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaMalawiBlantyreBlantyre, ReportBlantyre, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaMalawiKasunguKasungu, ReportKasungu, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaNigeriaEnugu CityEnugu City, ReportEnugu City, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaSenegalBignonaBignona, ReportBignona, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth AfricaDurbanDurban, ReportDurban, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth SudanYeiYei, ReportYei, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaTanzaniaDar Es SalaamDar Es Salaam, ReportDar Es Salaam, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaTanzaniaMoshiMoshi, ReportMoshi, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaUgandaKampalaKampala, ReportKampala, SFD Graphic
Sub-Saharan AfricaZambiaLusakaLusaka, ReportLusaka, SFD Graphic