35. Can I use the SFD process to make an SFD for a sub-area within a city, or for a particular sub-group within the city population?

The SFD process can be used to produce an SFD for any urban area, which is of particular interest. For example, it may be useful to produce an SFD on a district within a city where it is understood that sanitation service delivery is relatively low, or for areas of a city where it is reported that a significant proportion of the population, often the most vulnerable, rely on unimproved services.

An SFD Report should always include a full description of the concerned urban area and full details of the qualitative and quantitative data collection methods used – as described in the SFD Manual. However, if any disaggregation of quantitative data into sub-groups is made, for example to produce two SFD Graphics representing a) the city as a whole, and b) those living in low-income areas, the SFD Report must also include both the method used and an estimation of the level of confidence in the data. A method for disaggregating quantitative data is not included within the SFD Manual, but is available at: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/461321468338637425/Fecal-sludge-management-diagnostics-for-service-delivery-in-urban-areas-tools-and-guidelines.