16. What are the different Levels of SFD Report?

There are three main Levels of SFD Report that can be prepared:

Initial – ideal for advocacy purposes and initiating dialogue around sanitation services with key stakeholders

Intermediate – when a more ‘robust’ and credible report is needed

Comprehensive – good for supporting discussions into investments and planning for improved sanitation services

The level of SFD Report that you develop will depend on 5 key criteria:

  1. The purpose of your SFD
  2. The resources required
  3. The extent of data collected
  4. The extent of stakeholder engagement
  5. The depth of data analysis

A further option available to you is to prepare an “SFD Lite” report. This type of report is based around preparing an SFD Graphic with a minimum amount of supporting data and referenced sources for that data. The result can be presented in a very brief reporting format.

Detailed information on the different levels are available in the the SFD Manual (Version 2.0, July 2017). The templates for the SFD Reports are here.