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Published in: 2015
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Publisher: Population Services International (PSI)


Project Prasaadhan - Business model development for fecal sludge management in rural Bihar Various documents on results from research grant

This library entry contains background documents for a grant that Arunesh Singh is leading and which Genevieve Kelly is supporting. The grant is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Further information is also available on the SuSanA discussion forum, see link below.

Short description of the project:
PSI and its partners Water for People (WFP), the WASH Institute and 3S Shramik, a local business offering portable toilets, fecal waste removal, transport and treatment services, are working to integrate the development of business models for FSM with their other existing project, “Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements (3SI)”, which is a supply-side strengthening project to increase access and to improved sanitation. Project Prasadhan is working to make pit emptying an end-to-end solution that includes safe disposal and possible reuse into profitable and sustainable businesses. Building off of the 3SI market research and project activities already conducted, and leveraging existing partnerships with the local ministries of health and environment, PSI aims to design a service provision option that is adapted for the 3SI toilet design. PSI is piloting evidence-based business models in stages, including testing technology solutions for onsite, community-based and centralized disposal, treatment and reuse.

Increase access to and use of quality services for FSM for consumers in the 3SI target districts of rural Patna, Samastipur and Begusarai in Bihar, India.

1. Develop commercially viable business models for pit emptying and combined service provision for emptying and disposal, treatment and/or reuse.
2. Increase demand for mechanized desludging.
3. Create an enabling environment that fosters public-private partnerships for FSM.

Documents available for download below:

1 - Landscape study on Fecal Sludge Management. Report on study findings. Social and Rural Research Institute (SRI) - 2014