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Author(s): Tilley, E., Ulrich, L., Lüthi, C., Reymond, P. and Zurbrügg, C.
Published in: 2014
Pages: 180
Publisher: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), Duebendorf, Switzerland


Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies (2nd Revised Edition) (available in Arabic, English, French, Romanian, Russian and Spanish)

This Compendium aims at pulling the main information on sanitation technologies together in one volume. Moreover, the Compendium is to promote a systems approach; sanitation devices and technologies should always be considered as parts of an entire system.

This second, revised edition of the Compendium presents a huge range of information on sanitation systems and technologies in one volume. By ordering and structuring tried and tested technologies into one concise document, the reader is provided with a useful planning tool for making more informed decisions.

Part 1 describes different system configurations for a variety of contexts.

Part 2 consists of 57 different technology information sheets, which describe the main advantages, disadvantages, applications and the appropriateness of the technologies required to build a comprehensive sanitation system. Each technology information sheet is complemented by a descriptive illustration.

Additional versions translated in French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Romanian can be downloaded below.

The first edition is also linked below and includes translations in English, French, Spanish, Nepali, Vietnamese, and Korean.