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Author(s): Rohilla, S.K., Luthra, B., Varma, R.S., Padhi, S.K.
Published in: 2015
Pages: 32
Publisher: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi


SFD Report - Srikakulam, India SFD Promotion Initiative

Srikakulam is a coastal city located in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP). It is the district headquarters and is an important administrative and commercial centre. It is one of the oldest municipalities of the state, established in 1856. It is located adjacent to the National Highway number 5 connecting Chennai and Kolkata. River Nagavali flows through the city. (MA&UD, 2011).

The population of city as per the 2011 Census is 133,911 persons. The density of city is 6,419 persons per which is very high when compared to state average of 308 persons per Total slum population is 49,405 persons which constitutes 37% of the total Population (MA&UD, 2011).

Municipal boundary has been chosen for the current study. It comprises of an area of 20.9 (MA&UD, 2011).

This SFD Report was created through desk-based research by Centre for science and Environment (CSE) as part of the SFD Promotion Initiative.

Date of production: 31/07/2015
Last update: 31/12/2015