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Author(s): Brandes, K., Schoebitz, L., Nguyen, V.-A., Strande, L.
Published in: 2016
Pages: 68
Publisher: Sandec/Eawag


SFD Report - Hanoi, Vietnam SFD Promotion Initiative

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is located in the Northern part of the country in the Red river delta. The urban districts cover an area of 304 km² with an estimated population of 3,147,000 inhabitants. Half of the districts have population densities above 20,000 inhabitants per km² while the other half below 10,000 inhabitants per km². This illustrates the variation between dense urban districts in the centre of the city and districts where peri-urban characteristics prevail. The majority of households have septic tanks that are connected to the drainage network. For Hanoi it is estimated that 82% of the excreta is not managed safely, thus only 18% of the excreta is considered safely managed.

Date of production: 21/02/2016
Last update: 09/03/2016

SFD; Vietnam; Hanoi; Sanitation; city