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Author(s): Ndounla, J., Schoebitz, L. Sonko, E.M., Strande, L.
Published in: 2015
Pages: 32
Publisher: Sandec/Eawag


SFD Report - Bignona, Senegal SFD Promotion Initiative

Bignona and Tenghory Trans-Gambian are in the region of Casamance, Senegal. The study area is comprised of seven districts (six in Bignona, one is the neighboring district ofTenghory Trans-Gambian in the municipality of Tenghory). These seven districts have a total area of 10.5 km². The population sums up to 44,783 with an annual population growth rate of 2.7%. The average population density is 4,300 people per km², ranging between 16,000 (Bassène) and 2,000 (South Manguiline). In Bignona there are no existing sewer systems. The city relies fully on onsite sanitation technologies with the majority of the population (49%) utilizing so-called traditional pit latrines (unlined pits). For Bignona it is estimated that 66% of the excreta is not managed safely, thus only 34% of the excreta is considered safely managed.

Date of production: 08/12/2015
Last update: 09/03/2016

Sanitation; Bignona; Senegal; SFD; City