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Author(s): Schoebitz, L., Niwagaba, C.B., Strande, L.
Published in: 2016
Pages: 45
Publisher: Eawag/Sandec


SFD Report - Kampala, Uganda SFD Promotion Initiative

Kampala is the capital and most populated city in Uganda, with a population of 1,507,080. The total area of the city is 178 km². In line with rapid urbanization, approximately 60% of city residents live in informal low-income settlements (“slums”). To account for the large number of daily commuters into Kampala, the assessment is based on a total population of 2,25 million. In Kampala, 92.5% of residents are served by onsite sanitation technologies. For this SFD 46% of the total excreta was estimated to be unsafely managed.

Date of production: 06.06.2016
Last update: 11.07.2016

SFD; City; Sanitation; Faecal Sludge Management; FSM