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Author(s): Raj, S. et al.
Published in: 2016
Pages: 0
Publisher: SFD Promotion Initiative


SFD Exchange Meeting - its use and potential in the sanitation sector Presentation from the SFD Exchange Meeting at World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

The SFD Promotion Initiative has been working over the past year to develop a consistent method and the tools for producing excreta flow diagrams, the SFD (also called Shit Flow Diagrams). SFD is a powerful visualization tool that summarizes and presents excreta flows from containment (user interface) to their final destination in a given city. The Initiative was introduced to the broader sanitation community during Stockholm World Water Week 2015 and has since then generated considerable interest and discussion on uses and potential of the tool for advocacy and planning for urban sanitation improvement.

Different presentations on SFDs were held during the SFD Exchange Meeting prior to the World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. All presentations are now available as individual PDF download. These presentations include:

1) The linkages between SaniPath and SFD: How SaniPath can support actions after a finished SFD process
by Suraja Raj (Emory University)

2) Developing SFDs from Performance Assessment Data in India
by Dinesh Mehta (CEPT University)

3) Adaption of the SFD concept on a national level to monitor safely sanitation and safe treatment of wastewater
by Barbara Evans (on behalf of WHO)

4) Resource Value Mapping: Estimating the Potential for Resource Recovery from Productive Sanitation in Urban Areas
by Kim Andersson (SEI)

5) Improving urban water services in Chiang Mai, Thailand, using ECAM and SFDs
by Astric Michels (GIZ - WaCClim)

6) Faecal waste volume calculation: the experience of using the tool in two cities in Indonesia
by Ingeborg Krukkert (IRC)

7) Drawing excreta flow diagrams and additional fluxes, combined with sanitation - the Simba# technical tool
by Manfre Schuetze (IfaK e.V.)

8) The Beaumont SFD Generator: A demonstration of the tool
by Andrew Whitesell (Beaumong Design)

9) SFD data to graphic converter tool
by Barbara Evans (SFD Promotion Initiative)