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Author(s): Thakur, P., Singh, S.
Published in: 2017
Pages: 21
Publisher: Population Services International (PSI)


SFD Report - Patna, India SFD Promotion Initiative

Patna, the state capital of Bihar, is situated on the southern bank of Ganga River. The city is surrounded by two other rivers on two other sides: Sone River and Pun-Pun River.
Patna is the second largest city in eastern India after Kolkata. For the preparation of the SFD, the territory of Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) is selected.
The total population of the city is 1.68 million with decadal growth rate of 22% and annual growth rate of 2.1%, as per the 2011 census. The population density of the PMC area is 15,640 persons per square kilometre. The total area under PMC is 109.21 km2, which is 23 km in length and 18 km wide (PMC, 2016).
As per census, 92.3% of households in Patna have toilet facilities with 21.5% of the toilets connected to the sewer system, 65.5% of the toilets connected to septic tanks and 2.8% with pit latrines and other systems. Moreover, 2.4% of the households are dependent on public toilets and 5% practice open defecation.

- City context
- Service delivery context
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- SFD Matrix
- Risk of groundwater contamination
- Uncertainty of the data
- Key Informant Interviews