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Author(s): GIZ
Published in: 2017
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SFD Tools and Methods

SFD Tools and Methods. Dec 4 2017, 2 PM


1. Presentation: The SFD Manual: a guide to content and process, Rebecca Scott, WEDC (start 2:30 min.)
2. Presentation: The SFD Review Procedure, Oscar Veses Roda, University of Leeds (start 23:54 min.)
3. Presentation: The SFD Helpdesk, Susanne Bieker, GIZ (start 34:30 min.)

This is a follow-up to the webinar ‘How to make your own SFD graphic using the SFD online tools and Helpdesk support’,

In this session, the SFD Promotion Initiative will present the latest guidance documents, including the new SFD Manual 2 – vols 1&2 – and the SFD Review Procedure.

Chair: Cecilia Rodrigues (GIZ)

Rebecca Scott and Alix Lerebours (WEDC)
Oscar Veses Roda and Barbara Evans (University of Leeds)
Susanne Bieker (GIZ)