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Author(s): Westhof L., Dang, T.
Published in: 2018
Pages: 7
Publisher: GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


SFD Report - Da Lat, Vietnam SFD Promotion Initiative

Da Lat is located on the Langbiang highland plateau at the northern area of Lam Dong Province. The city consists of 12 wards and 4 communes with a total population of 226,978 people by the end of 2017 (CIPTT, 2018). The maximum population density in the central region is 15,632 people/km2, and only 100 people/km2 in the communes.
Nearly 100% of the population in Da Lat uses onsite sanitation systems, with only 1% practicing open defecation. 47% of all fecal sludge is estimated to be safely managed, with 53% not safely managed.