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Author(s): Feumba, R., Burchard-Levine, A.
Published in: 2018
Pages: 53
Publisher: GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


SFD Report - Yaoundé, Cameroon (in English and French) SFD Promotion Initiative

Yaoundé is the political capital of Cameroon and had 3,660,082 inhabitants with 775,911 households in 2017 (updated from RGPH, 2010). The area covered for this SFD is 310km², which is beyond the administrative boundaries as the city developed peripherally in an unregulated manner. The population growth rate was nearly 5.3% per year between 2001 and 2015 and 5.7 between 2015 and 2020 (CUY, 2015).
Around 3% of the population uses offsite sanitation systems, with the remaining 97% using onsite sanitation systems. For Yaoundé, 49% of the excreta is estimated to be managed safely, meaning that 51% is not managed safely. This report is available in English and French.