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Author(s): Panse, D., Kale, S., Karve, M.
Published in: 2018
Pages: 36
Publisher: Ecosan Services Foundation (ESF), Pune, India


SFD Report - Alandi, India SFD Promotion Initiative

Alandi is a pilgrimage town and has a municipal council in Pune district. The population of town as per Census 2011 is 28,645 persons. The density of city is 4,188 persons per which is very high as compared to the state average of 365 persons per Slum population is 1,950 persons which constitutes 6.8% of the total population.

According to census, Alandi is dependent on onsite sanitation systems, where 89% of households are dependent on septic tanks. Around 7% of the population depends on public toilets. The public latrines are connected to septic tanks and hence are incorporated in onsite systems.The analysis shows that excreta of 47% of the population are not being managed safely and only 53% corresponds to excreta safely managed.