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Author(s): WaterAid
Published in: 2018
Pages: 6
Publisher: WaterAid, Dhaka, Bangladesh


SFD Lite Report - Cumilla, Bangladesh SFD Promotion Initiative

Cumilla city corporation stands on the bank of the river Gumti in Cumilla district. Cumilla City Corporation (CoCC) consists of 27 wards with current population 0.5 million and an area of 53.04

Most of the population uses septic tanks (70%), and around 30% population uses toilet with pits. Of the 70% population in the City Corporation (CC) that is connected to septic tanks, around 43% is connected to open drains. About 17% of the population do not know where the sludge goes. Only 10% of the population use septic tanks, which are connected to soak pits, even though the specifications of the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) state that it is not allowed to discharge the effluent of septic tanks into open water courses and a soak pit shall be installed, including the performance of soil percolation tests to determine the soil and site suitability.