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Author(s): WaterAid
Published in: 2018
Pages: 6
Publisher: WaterAid, Dhaka, Bangladesh


SFD Lite Report - Narayanganj, Bangladesh SFD Promotion Initiative

Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) is situated in the south of Dhaka city within the district of Narayanganj, part of Dhaka division. Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) is the country’s 7th largest city corporation, established on 21st March 2011. Comprised of 27 wards, the city is approximately 72.43 sq. km with a population of 709,381.

The SFD assessment has shown that 94% of the excreta generated are “unsafely managed”. 16% of the population’s excreta are composed of supernatant (SN) which is discharged directly to the environment untreated. 66% of the population’s excreta are not contained and 18% are contained in the technology.