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Author(s): WaterAid
Published in: 2018
Pages: 5
Publisher: WaterAid, Dhaka, Bangladesh


SFD Lite Report - Sylhet, Bangladesh SFD Promotion Initiative

Sylhet, is a major city in north-eastern Bangladesh and is the capital of Sylhet Division. Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) was established in 2002. It comprises of 27 wards and the total area is 26.50 sq. km with a population of 270,606.

The majority of the population use septic tanks (65%), around 20% uses toilets connected to lined tanks and pits and the rest (15%) use toilets discharging directly to open drains or storm sewers. About 15% of the population has no onsite containers. Less than 0.1% of the population practice open defecation. The frequency at which emptying occurs varies on the number of people using the facility, but the minimum time is every 6 months up to more than 5 years. 18% of the population did not require emptying their technology in the last 5 years. The SFD assessment has shown that 83% of the excreta generated are “unsafely managed”.