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Author(s): Nisaa, A. F., Hajrah, H.
Published in: 2018
Pages: 9
Publisher: SFD Promotion Initiativen


SFD Case Story - The Shit Flow Diagram in Indonesia

Since 2017, each city/regency in Indonesia has been requested to incorporate an SFD graphic into the respective sanitation strategy document (SKK). Within 2017 already 134 cities and regencies submitted the SKK and . according to the Ministry of Public Works, another 46 documents from cities and regencies were expected in 2018.

With the total number of 490 cities and regencies participating in the national Accelerated Sanitation Development for Human Settlements Program (PPSP) program, which had been introduced by the Government of Indonesia in 2009, more SFD graphics are likely to be produced in the future.