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Author(s): Andersson, K.
Published in: 2017
Pages: 5
Publisher: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)


SFD Thinking - Resource Value Mapping based on SFDs SFD Promotion Initiative

Inspired by the SFD, the Resource Value Mapping tool (REVAMP) is being developed at Stockholm Environment Initiative (SEI) for quickly estimating, visualizing and valuing the resources that could be recovered from a city’s organic waste streams: sewage sludge, faecal sludge, and food and other organic solid waste.

There is increasing interest in the concept of the circular economy and “closing the loop” in water, energy and mineral resources. The focus here is not only to reducing social and environmental damage linked to resource extraction and waste disposal, but also in optimizing the use of resources.

Additionally the tool tries to integrate the potential of the water-food-energy nexus in an urban context.