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Author(s): Blackett, I., Hawkins, P.
Published in: 2019
Pages: 22
Publisher: Inclusive Sanitation in Practice, United Kingdom


City Service Delivery Assessment for Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Tool and User Guide

What is the CSDA tool?
A Faecal Waste Flow Diagram (SFD) illustrates what the sanitation situation is citywide, but not the underlying reasons for that situation. The City Service Delivery Assessment (CSDA) is a complementary tool to assess why the situation is as it is. It supports a systematic process for working with stakeholders to assess the enabling environment for citywide inclusive sanitation, and to present the results in a simple and accessible way. It also includes an Action Checklist to help stakeholders identify and prioritise immediate and follow-up actions to improve the enabling environment for the delivery and sustained operation of inclusive sanitation services across the city.

What is the CSDA User Guide?
The CSDA User Guide explains how the CSDA tool works and provides recommendations on how to use it with stakeholders. The CSDA tool will need to be adapted slightly for each city and context and is not a “black box” to be used indiscriminately. Users will need to apply their own knowledge, experience and insight to achieve useful results.

The CSDA tool can be downloaded accessed from hyperlinks on Pages 1 and 6 of the link below.