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Author(s): Shrestha, J., Bajracharya, B.
Published in: 2019
Pages: 49
Publisher: Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO)


SFD Report - Lamahi, Nepal

Lamahi municipality is located in Dang district of province number 5, Nepal. The municipality covers an area of 327 square kilometres along the stretch of East-West highway in the country. The municipality is home to 47,655 people as per census 2011. The municipality is divided into 9 wards. The municipality has declared open defecation free zone in 2014.

The municipality lacks sewer networks thus it depends on onsite sanitation system. At the household level, the majority of houses haveinstalled anaerobic biogas digester designed for the integrated treatment of animal manure, kitchen/garden waste and faecal sludge. While in core urban areas the technology is not preferred as the shift of occupation from agriculture to service and business. In the core urban areas, either fully lined tank or lined tank with impermeable walls with open bottom are installed by majority of households, while the household which could not afford biogas digester or does not have cattle, has installed lined pits with semi-permeable walls and open bottom in rural areas of the municipality.