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Author(s): Shrestha, J., Bajracharya, B., Nhemhaphuki, S.
Published in: 2019
Pages: 42
Publisher: Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO)


SFD Report - Bheemdatt, Nepal SFD Promotion Initiative

Bheemdatt municipality is located in Kanchanpur District of Sudur Paschim Pradesh, Nepal. The municipality covers an area of 171.63 square kilometres. It is home to 62,050 people as per census 2011. The municipality, which has been declared Open Defecation Free Zone on November 2017, is divided into 19 wards.

The municipality has a stormwater drain in core urban areas but lacks municipal sewer thus all the households with toilet rely on onsite sanitation system. A rectangular septic tank with fully lined walls and bottom was preferred in the households located in urban clusters while tanks with impermeable walls and open bottom have been installed in households at peri-urban and newly settled areas. Whereas, in rural settlement lined pits with semi-permeable walls and open bottom either twin or single pits were used for storage of the faecal sludge. Both traditional manual scavenging and mechanical emptying practices are observed. The municipality does not have a faecal sludge treatment plant. The private desludging entrepreneur disposes FS into barren farmlands.

Date of production: 22/10/2019
Last update: 04/12/2019

SFD; Shit Flow Diagram; excreta disposal; sewers; sanitation; faecal sludge management; septic tank;