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Author(s): CWIS TA Hub & ENPHO
Published in: 2019
Pages: 9
Publisher: City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation Technical Assistance Hub (CWIS TA Hub, South Asia); Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO)


SFD Lite Report - Mahalaxmi Municipality, Nepal

Mahalaxmi Municipality is one of the historic municipalities of Lalitpur district located in province no.3 of Nepal. The municipality consists of 10 wards with the total population of 112,157 people residing in 70,256 households. The main sources of drinking water in Mahalaxmi Municipality are public taps, household bores and wells. 23% of the population are dependent on sewer system. The most common containment technology in Mahalaxmi Municipality is lined tanks with impermeable walls and open bottom followed by user interface directly connected to drain, septic tanks connected to soak pit, fully lined tanks, lined pits with semi-permeable walls and open bottom and 1% of population who practice open defecation. The transport of the mechanically emptied faecal sludge is done by a private desludging vehicle, which consists of a tank equipped with movable centrifugal pump on a truck. In case of offsite sanitation system, the wastewater and supernatant is transported through the sewer system. The municipality has implemented a pilot faecal sludge treatment plant with an anaerobic treatment approach at Lubhu. 43% of all the excreta generated are safely managed and 57% are unsafely managed.

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