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Author(s): Kaushik, N.
Published in: 2020
Pages: 9
Publisher: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)


SFD Lite Report - Faridabad, India

Faridabad, the south-eastern district in the state of Haryana, was founded in 1607 AD by Sheikh Farid, the treasurer of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, with the object of protecting the Grand Trunk Road, now called Delhi-Mathura National Highway-2 (Shershah Suri Marg). Faridabad is located at mean elevation of about 205 msl at 28.43°N 77.32°E on the plains of the river Yamuna bordered by the river to the east and Aravali hills towards the west and southwest. Yamuna is the only main river that flows through the eastern boundary of the district. Agra canal which originated in Okhla, Delhi flows through Faridabad before finally joining Banganga River.