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Author(s): CSE
Published in: 2020
Pages: 10
Publisher: Centre for Science and Environment


SFD Lite Report - Bhagalpur, India

Bhagalpur is a city located on the southern alluvial plains of River Ganga, 220 km east of Patna and 410 km North-West of Kolkata. It is the third-largest urban centre of the state. Bhagalpur city is also the headquarters of Bhagalpur district. The city is divided into 51 wards. As per census 2011, the city’s population was 400.146, residing in 68193 households. The current population of the city has increased to 470,335 and in turn increases the total number of households to 94.065, based on this data the SFD 2020 has been generated. The urban local body, Bhagalpur Nagar Nigam (BNN) has an area jurisdiction of 30.17
The city lies on the Indo-Gangetic plains having typical characteristics of flat and alluvial soil. Most parts of the city are flat with slopes near the banks of the river. The soil is mainly loamy and rich in organic content, rejuvenated every year by constant deposition of silt, clay and sand brought by river streams and by floods in Bihar. The temperature in Bhagalpur city during summer rises to 45 degrees and during winters the temperature falls to 5-6 degrees. Bhagalpur has a very high groundwater table between 2-5 meter below ground level.