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Author(s): Peal, A. and Kapulu, C.
Published in: 2021
Pages: 34
Publisher: WaterAid


City-level quantification and profiling of sanitation workers Options for integrating sanitation worker assessments in the shit flow diagram process

Sanitation workers are a vital workforce, key to Sustainable Development Goal 6, and yet they are often denied their rights to safe work. But how can working conditions be improved, if authorities know nothing about them?

This report presents options for how to carry out a quantification and profiling through assessments of workers at city level. The report contains the suggested scope for a sanitation worker assessment, the dimensions to be assessed, questionnaires that could be used to generate data on these different dimensions, and possible options for presentation of both quantitative and qualitative data. The focus of the latter is on infographics that are
visually informative, a widely recognised strength of the SFD graphic.