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Author(s): Emanti Management (Pty) Ltd, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Published in: 2021
Pages: 42
Publisher: Emanti Management (Pty) Ltd, Stellenbosch, South Africa


SFD Intermediate Report Dannhauser Local Municipality

Dannhauser Local Municipality (LM) is a Category B municipality situated in the Amajuba District Municipality (ADM) in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. The ADM is a Water Services Authority (WSA) for its area of jurisdiction in terms of the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997, Water Services Act). ADM therefore has statutory responsibilities and accountability in terms of legislation and policy with respect to the provision of water services. Water and sanitation services are provided through a contract between the ADM and its three (3) LMs.

Dannhauser LM covers an area of 1,707 square kilometres (km²) and consists of 13 wards. The main towns in Dannhauser LM are Dannhauser and Hattingspruit. The main economic activities in the LM include agriculture, mining, manufacturing and services. The temperature typically ranges from 4°C to 27°C and is rarely below 0°C or above 32°C. Dannhauser experiences extreme seasonal variation in monthly rainfall with the month of January usually associated with the most rain and the May to July noted for significantly less rainfall.