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Author(s): GFA Consulting Group GmbH
Published in: 2020
Pages: 38


SFD Report Imvepi Refugee Settlement and Host Community Uganda

Imvepi refugee settlement is located in the newly established Terego District in the West Nile part of the Northern Region of Uganda. Terego district was carved out of Arua District with effect on 1st July 2020 (The Independent, 2020). Imvepi settlement is located in Odupi sub-county and was opened in February 2017 and currently hosts 67,439 refugees of which the vast majority are from South Sudan (UNHCR, 2020c). The non-refugee population of Odupi sub-county (host-community population) was estimated to be 45,300 (UBOS, 2019). For the scope of this report, we assume a total population of 112,739, of which around 60% are refugees, and 40% are non-refugee host community population.

The refugee settlement is divided into three zones and stretches over around 53km2. (UNHCR and UNOPS, 2017). The sub-county can be characterised as rural. The topography is hilly with deep valleys which create interconnected drainage systems. The average elevation is around 700 m above mean sea level (UNHCR and UNOPS, 2017). The climate in the district is characterised by a unimodal rainfall pattern with a rainy season between April and November an a dry season between December and March (Arua District Local Government, 2009).