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Author(s): TRCSS, JNU
Published in: 2021
Pages: 13
Publisher: TRCSS, JNU


SFD Lite Report Gurugram, Haryana India

Gurugram, located 30 kilometres (km) southwest of the national capital of New Delhi, etymologically traces its roots to the ancient legend of Guru Dronacharya (Figure 2). The city is located at 28o 7’21” N and 77o 1’44” E with a mean elevation of 217 m above sea level. While there are no perennial rivers in the city, smaller seasonal streams drain the city which have been concretized as the city expanded. The natural topographical and climatic characteristics do not favour intensive agriculture in the district. However, Gurugram grew as an industrial hub in the early 1980s with the setting up of the automobile industry and since the early 2,000s, Information Technology (IT) industry and the financial sector has propelled the city’s extraordinary economic development and Gurugram is now often also known as the “Millennium city”.