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Author(s): CSE
Published in: 2021
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SFD Lite Report Kanchipuram India

Kanchipuram Municipality is comprised of 51 wards with a total population of 2,32,816. The total area is 36.14 Square kilometers. The city is on the northeast side of Tamilnadu and is located 76 km away from the state capital Chennai (see Figure 2). It’s a Municipality administration city. The city is located in the banks of the river Vegavathi. Kanchipuram is considered one of the ancient cities in India . It's considered a minimum of 2000 years old. The city was mentioned in the Sangam literature called “PERUMBANATRUPADAI” which was written between the 6th century BCE to 3rd century CE. The city is called a Land of thousands of temples. The great Indian poet Kalidasa praised the city as “Nagareshu Kanchi”. And it’s also considered the birthplace of Dravidian architecture. And also the city is famous for its silk sarees. According to legends in Hindu mythology, Kanchi silk weavers are the descendants of Sage Markandeya, the master weaver of Gods. The skilled artisans weave them on handlooms, creating a unique handmade work of art in each saree. People from all over south India visits, especially for these Kanchipuram sarees .