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Author(s): UPM Umwelt-Projekt- Management GmbH (UPM)
Published in: 2021
Pages: 56
Publisher: UPM Umwelt-Projekt- Management GmbH (UPM)


Hakimpara (Camp 14) Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh SFD Intermediate Report

This SFD report looks at Hakimpara, Camp 14, a sub-division of a larger Rohingya refugee camp site in Palong Khali union, Teknaf upazila, Cox’s Bazar District (CXB District) in Bangladesh. As for end February 2021, there were 32,815 people registered in Camp 14 and over 870,000 people (Inter Sector Coordination Group - ISCG 2021 & UNHCR 23.03.2021) registered in total in the 34 sub-camps and in surrounding host-communities, making the overall refugee camp site the largest one in the world. The population density is extremely high, with 60,000 individuals per square kilometre on average, although variations exist between the 5 blocks and 30 sub-blocks in Camp 14. In Camp 14 – Hakimpara –, around 20 m² of camp area is available per person (ISCG 2019). Space is limited mainly due to the sandy and hilly terrain in the area. The region, located on the eastern side of the gulf of Bengal, has a tropical climate with four seasons, including a monsoon season from June to September and a dry season from December to February. Highest temperatures are reached during premonsoon season from March to May (GoB, 2019b). Due to the heavy rainfalls during the monsoon season, many camp sites are affected by landslides.