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Author(s): GIZ
Published in: 2021
Pages: 41
Publisher: GIZ


SFD Promotion Initiative Domiz 1 Syrian Refugee Camp Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Domiz 1 Syrian refugee camp is located on the outskirts of the Domiz Township, near the city of the Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The camp was intended to be temporary in nature to provide shelter to those fleeing the war in Syria. Having been established in 2012 and currently being expanded and upgraded in July 2019, it is now reasonable to expect that the camp will be in place for the medium to long term.

The current registered population of the camp is 32,592 individuals. This remains relatively static, other than the 3% growth rate that has been applied. No significant population movements are known, such as for holidays.

Sanitation is provided to each shelter, with black water (toilet waste only) going into tanks that are then emptied by truck once they are full or start to overflow.