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Author(s): CSE
Published in: 2021
Pages: 12
Publisher: CSE


SFD Lite Report Jaitpur Village India

Jaitpur Village (Figure 2) 28°30'25.0"N 77°19'48.7"E is located in the Urban Limits of National Capital Region (NCR) Area near “NTPC’s Eco Park”. It comes under the Badarpur Constituency Ward No. 98-S (Figure 2) where an overall population of 125,000 resides in an area of 3.76 sq.km1 giving a population density of 15,775 person/sq.km1. The Village lies in a mid-gap of Yamuna River and Agra Canal which made alluvial soil deposit available in the vicinity, with an annual average rainfall (mm) of 617 and with temperature variance of 40.9℃ in summers1 and 8.9℃ in winters1. Floating population has adversely affected this area as cheap rented house place, illegal water boring (24/7 running water) and other political benefits, making Jaitpur Village a sweet spot to live in whereas on other hand various parts of New Delhi are facing water sensitive issues. In a Key Informant Interview (KII)2 it was told the area got densely populated over the past decade as active voters in the area also got increased to 90,000 conveyed by the ward chairman, giving to a population ranging between 100,000 to 150,000. As many migrant workers have shifted to this part of NCR in search for better livelihood, no track record was maintained by the local authority and hence, an average value was considered for the preparation of the SFD graphic by following the decadal regime which gave a population of 125,000.