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Author(s): GOPA Infra
Published in: 2021
Pages: 15
Publisher: GOPA Infra


SFD Lite Report Sharya Town, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Sharya town is situated in the KRI and located in the Sumel District, which is part of the Duhok Governorate administration, and it lies approximately 15km south of Duhok.

Sharya Town is currently hosting large numbers of IDP’s, both in and out of camps. Figures received from the HoM, relating specifically to the town in 2021, state that there are 7,254 individuals in the hosting community and 6,023 IDP’s within the town boundaries, that are out of camps, giving a total figure for the town of 13,277 individuals for Sharya Town (This is the figure that is used for the SFD as it relates specifically to population within the town boundaries, rather than all the municipality area).

On an ongoing basis the blackwater that enters the lined pits is not contained and, in fact, these pits are designed specifically so as not to contain the liquid, but rather let it infiltrate into the surrounding soil through the semi-permeable walls and open bottom. The solids that get left behind build up over time and about every 5 – 10 years, this material is removed from the pit and transported to either the WWTP, a recent addition, or still in some cases discharged illegally on farmland.

Feedback at the stakeholder workshop confirmed that the figure of 37% of the faecal sludge being safely managed and 63% unsafely managed is felt to be an accurate assessment of the overall situation in Sharya Town.