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Author(s): GOPA Infra
Published in: 2021
Pages: 15
Publisher: GOPA Infra


SFD Lite Report Kabarto 1 IDP Camp, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Kabarto 1 IDP Camp is situated in the KRI and located in the Sumel District, which is part of the Duhok Governorate administration, and it lies approximately 13km southwest of Duhok.

The population figures are managed by the camp management on behalf of the Directorate of Migration and Crisis Response (DMCR) and, the population present at the time of the key informant interview with the camp manager, in early June 2021 is 11,783.

The graphic produced by the methods, information and assumptions made and described above is felt to be an accurate summary of the sanitary situation in the Kabarto1 IDP Camp. On an ongoing basis the blackwater that enters the lined pits is not contained and, in fact, these pits are designed specifically so as not to contain the liquid, but rather let it infiltrate into the surrounding soil through the semi-permeable walls and open bottom. The risk to groundwater can be considered significant unless there is sampling, or analysis done to prove otherwise. But even in that case, owing to the density of population in the camp, it is more prudent to consider the risk significant on an ongoing basis, unless the method of containment changes. The figure of 0% of the faecal sludge being safely managed and 100% unsafely managed is felt to be an unfortunate, but accurate assessment of the overall situation in Kabarto 1 IDP camp, based on the various factors described in this report.