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Author(s): ENPHO
Published in: 2022
Pages: 57
Publisher: ENPHO


SFD Report – Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City, Nepal

Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City is located on Southern belt of Nepal in the Kailali District of Sudur Paschim Province, Nepal. The city is surrounded by Kailari Rural Municipality in the east, Mohana River in the west, Godawari and Gauriganga Municipality in the north and India in the South. It is divided into 19 wards. As per 2011 population census, Sub-Metropolitan City has a total of 147,741 population with 73,462 males and 74,279 females. Out of total wards, ward number 1 had the largest population with 14,333, while ward number 9 had the least number of population with 14,333. Sub-Metropolitan City has a total of 29,143 households.

Basic sanitation coverage in the sub-metropolitan city is only 96%. The families without own toilet defecate in open places or use neighbour’s toilet. Although there is lack of sewerage network and a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the city, 2.0% of the population have connection of their toilet to open drain and water bodies near their houses without any treatment which indicates unsafe sanitation practice. 52% of containments have been emptied at least once since the installation. Both traditional manual scavenging and mechanical emptying of the containments are practised in the sub-metropolitan city. Among the containments that have been emptied at least once, 42% used the service from mechanical emptying service from private desludging service providers whereas 58% of containments have been emptied manually. Emptying is done based on demand instead of regular emptying.