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Author(s): SCBP, NIUA
Published in: 2022
Pages: 11
Publisher: SCBP, NIUA


SFD Lite Report – Dehradun, India

Dehradun Nagar Nigam area1 is 100 km2. and has 100 wards with a population of 804,3792 (as of 2018). There are 167,577 households (HHs) (after municipal boundary expansion in 2018) within municipal boundary; this suggests the average household size in the city to be 5.

The output of the SFD graphic represents that 46% of the human excreta flow is attributed to be safely managed and the remaining 54% is unsafely managed. The unsafely managed excreta of 54% are contributed by offsite sanitation as well as onsite sanitation.