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Author(s): ENPHO
Published in: 2023
Pages: 49
Publisher: ENPHO


SFD (level 2) Report - Mangalsen Municipality, Nepal

Mangalsen municipality is the capital of Achham District in Far-western Province of Nepal. It was established on 18 May 2014 by merger of the former Village development committees of Janalibandali, Kuntibandali, Oligaun, Jupu, Kalagaun into its current form. There are 14 wards in Mangalsen municipality, and the municipality covers 220 square kilometres of geographical area.

The total population of the municipality is 31,871 and the family size of the municipality is 5.3.

The SFD graphic shows that 50% of the excreta generated are safely managed while 50% of the excreta generated are unsafely managed. The safely managed percentage of FS generated by 50% of the population is temporary until the tanks and pits become full and FS from the containment is emptied.